English 8

Expository Essay- Rough Copy Due May 4
Final Copy Due May 11.

The Pigman Novel Study- Chapter Questions.

Literature Circle Role Instructions.

Upcoming Assignment Due Dates:

Persuasive Essay-Pro & Con W/S- Due Fri April 4
Persuasive Essay Rough Copy- Due Fri April 11
The Giver Lit Circle Final Chapter Skit- Due Fri April 11
The Giver Plot Diagram- Due Fri April 11
Persuasive Essay- Final Copy Due Tue April 22
The Giver- Final Test Tues April 15.

Students are currently reading the novel The Giver, and learning essay writing fundamentals. Their first essay submission for English 8 is due Thursday Mar 13. Students are to compare and contrast our world to the world in their novel.